Ongoing Research Support

“A lipid-based approach towards a high-resolution structure of a functional nicotinic acetylcholine receptor”

Lasalde, JA  – Principal Investigator (R01 GM098343)

Period: 08/01/13 – 06/31/19

The goal of this proposal is to establish a lipid-based approach to assess the function and stability of the nAChR–detergent complex (nAChR-DC) using a list of 50 detergents with the primary goal of defining the manner in which detergent structure affects the lipid composition, ion channel function, agonist binding, state of aggregation of the nAChR-DC, and ultimately the ability to form nAChR diffractable crystals.

“Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Biomolecular Resources Platform to Promote Basic and Translational Research in Neuroplasticity”

Miller Mark – Principal Director (P20 RR028285)

Lasalde, JA – Director of the NeuroImaging and Electrophysiology Facility (NIEF)

Period: 07/01/13 – 06/30/2019

The goals of this proposal are to: 1) To foster the development of Junior Scientists into the arena of competitive research with clinical and translational applications, 2) To provide a competitive research environment in areas that support the efforts of Junior Scientists and stimulates collaboration; the BRP will build strong research core facilities in bio-imaging to support the efforts of the Junior Scientists and to develop translational initiatives among other scientists, and 3) To carry out programmatic activities that increase interdisciplinary collaborations and initiation of translational research projects, especially those impacting health disparities in Hispanic communities.

Optimization od HIV glycoproteins as vaccine candidates

Lasalde, JA – Principal Investigator (R01AI122935) – In kind

Period: 07/01/2016 – 06/30/2020

More than thirty years after its discovery, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) continues to be a major global concern. Despite a reduction in the number of new infections worldwide (2.1 million new infections in 2013 vs. 5 million in 2005), the HIV pandemic is far from over. In the United States alone, there are nearly 45,000 new HIV diagnoses each year, with some ethnic groups being disproportionately affected. Thus, the search for a prophylactic vaccine against HIV is of paramount importance. In this project, a consortium that combines a research university, a startup biotech company, and the advisory input from the local biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector, aim to optimize the pipeline for the production of HIV vaccines for clinical trials by addressing some of the hurdles that have hindered progress in this field over the years.

“Structural Determination of nAChR: A Comprehensive Lipid-Based Apprach (Not a source of funding, it provides access to synchrotron beam time)

Lasalde, JA  – Principal Investigator (Proposal ID: 33562 )

Type: General User Beamtime

Request ID: 77911

Shifts: 3

Argonne National Laboratory

The goal of this short proposal is to gain access to one of the advanced radiation sources in the United States, namely the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.

“COBRE Phase 2: Center for Neuroplasticity at the University of Puerto Rico”

José A. Lasalde Dominicci – Principal Investigator (P20GM103642)

Period: 07/01/2018 – 06/30/23